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Not everyone can make it to church due to various reasons, but what you can do is catch up on NCBC's previous sermons. So tune in and watch previously recorded sermons; you never know what God has for you!
Women's Day Service 2023 - "What Will You Do With Your Crown"
Mar 19, 2023    Rev. Joan Austin
"Lord Lead Us and Keep Us From Temptation!"
Mar 12, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"God Said It and He Did It!"
Mar 5, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"How Big is Your Faith?!"
Feb 26, 2023    Min. Will Nieman
"The meaning of I AM!"
Feb 19, 2023    Min. Brittany Nieman
"Yet Will I Trust Him?!"
Feb 12, 2023    Rev. Marcia Westbrook
"Everything Has A Time"
Feb 5, 2023    Min. Tierre Caldwell
"Don't Lose What God Gave You to Use!"
Jan 29, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"God Is Up to Something!"
Jan 22, 2023    Rev. Joan Austin
"What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Jan 15, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"When the Enemy Attacks, Let's Watch Each Other's Backs!"
Jan 8, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"Out with the Old, In With the New!"
Jan 1, 2023    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"The Gift is at the Well"
Dec 18, 2022    Rev. Joan Austin
"It's Time to Take Out the Trash!"
Dec 11, 2022    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"God Wants to Do Great Things Through You!"
Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
Nov 27, 2022    Min. Tierre Caldwell
"We Should Be More Grateful & Thankful!"
Nov 22, 2022    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
"You Should Be A Witness"
Nov 13, 2022    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
21st Anniversary Church Service
Nov 6, 2022    Pastor Dan Ankerfelt
Riverside Church's 18th Pastoral Anniversary
Oct 30, 2022
"Just Because It Fits, Doesn't Mean It's Legit!"
Oct 23, 2022    Min. Brittany Nieman
"What Kind of Worship Are You Willing to Give the Master?"
Oct 16, 2022    Rev. Joan Austin
"It's Yours, It's God Given, So Use It!"
Oct 9, 2022    Rev. Marcia Westbrook
"It's Time For Us To Do Something New!"
Oct 2, 2022    Pastor Daniel McKizzie
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